Korstörnegatan 9

Centrala Hisingen, Göteborg Karta & restider

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FINALLY, a description in English!

The apartment features a light grey kitchen from the well renowned kitchen manufacturer Marbodal and the appliances are all stainless steel and comes from Bosch/Siemens (Dishwasher and microwave are included). Here you also have the option to customize your kitchen in four different styles depending on your preference. Customization between different styles is also available in the bathroom which features a shower with folding glass doors, a combined washer/dryer, a washbasin with built-in storage. Just outside the bathroom you have the "function wall" a unit which starts with the kitchen and then seamlessly towards the bedroom turns to a large storage unit. All the way with the same cabinetry making it look like one continuous piece of furniture.

The location is ideal, within a couple of minutes walking distance you have both Wieselgrensplatsen and Backaplan both with a large supply of shops, offering everything from electronics, furniture, clothes to building materials. If you decide to walk the other way, towards the harbor you will quickly find yourself amongst the headquarters of big companies like "Ericsson" as well as the Chalmers university everything situated in a beautiful environment with the water just at your feet. If you have built up an appetite from walking, Hisingen is the place to be. Offering a wide variety of different cuisines and with new restaurants opening everywhere, you are sure to find something to suit your taste. And if you after the meal would like to be a part of the buzzing nightlife or want to walk the streets of central Gothenburg you have the tram station just 100 meters to the north taking you in to the city in just a few minutes.

For more information please contact responsible brokers Sanna Berglund or Gustav Johansson.

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62 m²
Antal rum
3 rum
3 570 kr/mån
49 274 kr/m²
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3 055 000 kr
3 570 kr/mån

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